Hey, I'm Charlie.

Southerner turned Chicago Native.
Programmer turned Advertising Major. 
Creative turned Brand Strategist. 

I’m originally from the South.
You can tell by my accent; it’s pretty deep and southern.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, strong cigars, smooth whiskey, 
southern food, and sweet tea. I’m also a drummer, a runner,
and a recovering Pop-Tart addict.

I work with brands to craft strategies built around cultural insights;
while uncovering new channels to foster engagement with apathetic consumers, in overly saturated markets.

To create meaningful strategies, it's important to objectively analyze threats and weaknesses, while identifying actionable strengths and opportunities.

Every brand requires a unique and insight driven strategy that:
1) Embraces the consumer's needs
2) Explores a creative approach
3) Embodies simplicity at all times