Backseat Bingo
Rock Solid Branding

Responsibilities: Market//Consumer Research, Strategy Development, Concepting and Copywriting
Insights at a Glance.  Music and art programs across the US are being cut.  Digital music programs make distributing new music very easy.  Their consumers prefer to go out and "experience" a show.

"Revival" Tour Annoucement
Outdoor advertisments in the form of posters and bus stops are scattered throughout each city along Backseat Bingo’s “Revival” Tour to highlight the Lyric Scavenger Hunt.

Lyric Scavenger Hunt

Lyrics to Backseat Bingo’s most popular songs are scattered around the city, three weeks before each concert date. Whether on the sides of street signs, buildings or park benches, lyrics will be cleverly hidden around the cities promoting fans to work together to find and scan them all.

"Lyric Scavenger Hunt" Mobile App

Backseat Bingo's “Lyric Scavenger Hunt” mobile application allows users to scan each lyric that is scattered around the city and upload them to the band’s microsite. Every lyric that is scanned increases the total that Backseat Bingo will then donate to inner city public schools.

Backseat Bingo Microsite

On the Backseat Bingo microsite, users are able to view more information about the "Revival" Tour and see their individual progress in regards to the Lyric Scavenger Hunt. Users can also view how much money their city has raised in comparison to other cities; in addition to sharing information with their friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Integration

Backseat Bingo's Facebook and Twitter pages update every week, revealing details about the Lyric Scavenger Hunt in each city. This way fans can stay up to date on all aspects of the tour.

National Press Coverage

In each city on Backseat Bingo’s “Revival” Tour, an large scale unfinished guitar will be installed in a public location. As fans in each city raise money through the “Lyric Scavenger Hunt,” the guitar will gradually become complete, starting at the guitar’s body and moving towards the fret.

This keeps fans actively engaged and able to judge the amount of money raised.

The large scale of the Backseat Bingo’s Lyric Scavenger Hunt, will draw the attention of national news outlets and generate free publicity, for both the band and it’s cause to millions of viewers.

Credits: Sara Collins, Jackie Imirie, Annie De Leon and Richard Charlie Weston.