Bike & Whistle While You Work

Responsibilities: UX Strategy // Content Strategy
Client: Fitness Cubed // Chicago // April 2015

What Is Cubii?
Cubii is a new product created by Fitness Cubed, a start-up located in Chicago. Cubii is an affordable, sleek, ergonomic trainer that integrates seamlessly with mobile devices and fitness trackers to make sitting healthier.

Recently Fitness Cubed completed a round of funding through Kickstarter for about $300k. It is currently in the process of building out an app for their product as it nears launch.

Click To View Cubii's Kickstarter Profile — Now 100% Funded


The Problem: Creating new accounts sucks. Whether it's on a desktop or mobile device, inputting personal information and customizing a profile to your specific needs is a tedious and often confusing process. The addition of having to sync your account with a third-party device can be even more frustrating. 

Competitor Analysis: Account creation interfaces are generally horrible. They are not intuitive and require the user to input information in an extremely awkward manner. Most companies and brands try to utilize existing social media APIs to help streamline the sign-up process. But for many users, this does not solve all of their problems. In situations where the user has to put in personal information after setting up an account, a standard API call does not completely solve the problem. 

User Story: As a user, I want an easy and intuitive way to set up a new account when I purchase a product, so that I can start using it immediately.

Strategy Development: Create a common-sense sign up process that captures the user's prevalent information in as few as steps as possible.