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Responsibilities: Market & Consumer Research // Strategy Development // Concepting
Insights At A Glance  Having a food allergy sucks. Period  Dining out is a daunting experience when you have allergies.  Roughly 1/2 of all food allergy reactions happen at restaurants.

"FAANatic" Mobile Application

The FAANatic mobile application allows Neo-Allergy Phobics to create a customizable profile which will allow them to make more informed decisions about which restaurants they are “safe” to eat at and which menu items are allergy friendly.

Users have the option to rate a restaurant based on its allergy friendly menu; thereby keeping restaurants honest and Neo-Allergy Phobics confident.

**While this FAANatic can never be 100% accurate, it does offer Neo-Allergy Phobics a greater sense of comfort and trust when they make that nerve-racking decision concerning their health.


Credits: Tatiana Girman and Richard Charlie Weston.