Nintendo 3DS
Seeing is Believing

Responsibilities: Market//Consumer Research, Strategy Development and Concepting

Point of Purchase - Gamestop

Even though they aren’t “hardcore” gamers, Young Social Gamers are patrons of their local Gamestop video game retail store because they see it as a credible resource in learning about new games and platforms before they are released.

Large eye-grabbing posters outside Gamestop retailers help to draw interest about the Nintendo 3DS, as well as informing YSGs about the different features of the platform.

In Gamestop’s interior retail space, informational posters provide more information about the Nintendo 3DS and elude to a special twitter hashtag #3DSurprise.

Promotional cards are located throughout the store, providing information about the “3D Street Art” Events and the corresponding 3DSweepstakes, where contestants can enter to win one of three limited edition Nintendo 3DS system packages.

"3D Street Art" Event

At each “3D Street Art” Event, chalk artists are commissioned to create temporary 3D chalk illustrations in public locations that serve as the hub for each event.

Young Social Gamers are able to use augmented reality technology in the 3DS console to scan street art and play local competitive games.

**Tents containing Nintendo 3DS consoles are set-up around the 3D chalk art, allowing consumers to test out the Nintendo 3DS and see first hand how the experience has evolved.

Social Media Integration

Information about each “3D Street Art” Event is distributed through the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for Nintendo 3DS.

Through social media, Young Social Gamers can learn about upcoming locations for the events and the 3DSweepstakes.


Tweeting with the hashtag “#3DSurprise” while at a “3D Street Art” Event automatically enters the user into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a limited edition Nintendo 3DS system.

Credits: Freddy Travis, Reid Warner and Richard Charlie Weston.