Nissan, USA
Multicultural Innovation
Responsibilities: Market | Consumer Research, Strategy Development, Media Planning, Budget Allocation and Concepting
Client: NSAC | 2012
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Two TV commercials launch “Innovation Without Barriers” and set the tone for the entire IMC. The :30 spot launches first; with the :60 spot continuing where the previous spot left off. Both spots symbolically express the consumer’s feeling that they live in an illusion of entrapment, held back by everyday problems and barriers that keep them from doing and becoming what they desire. Through these spots, Nissan becomes identified as a catalyst for positive life changes.


The print portion of this IMC consists of a series of five single page inserts, featuring an image of a closed box with a removable tab in the lower right-hand corner. Five different headlines show an important figure in the readers' life saying that, "You won't pull this off." The double entendre suggests that the readers won't physically pull off the tab of paper and figuratively won't pull off a challenge in their lives.

Each print ad features a “peel off,” front, and back section.

"Showroom Without Barriers" Event

“Showroom Without Barriers” brings the Nissan dealership directly to the consumer, breaking free of convention and injecting new life into the typical car dealership experience.

The showroom takes the form of a large white box, presented to the public in an unlikely space. These “showrooms” will appear in our five key DMAs during the peak car buying months for Multicultural Millennials.

Inside the showroom, consumers can learn about Nissan without dealing with the typical “car salesman,” use tablets to access information about different car models and interact with a 40-inch Microsoft Surface Platform.

"Jobs Without Barriers" Program

“Jobs Without Barriers” is a nationwide competition, where users can blog about how they used innovative thinking to overcome a barrier in their lives. Users vote for their favorite contestant; who will be awarded an internship by Nissan, USA.

Over a six-month period, the winner has the opportunity to try out positions within various areas of the company: sales, marketing engineering, production and finance.

Each week, the winner uploads a video to Nissan’s microsite, Twitter and Facebook feeds allowing viewers to keep tabs on the winner’s progress. “Jobs Without Barriers” lets viewers see Nissan at work and become acquainted with the variety of people and experiences within the company. At the end of the six months, Nissan decides where the worker’s skills will be most useful and offers them a permanent position.

Digital // Point of Purchase

Multicultural Millennials trust word-of-mouth more than traditional advertising. Based on this, each Nissan dealership is equipped with tablets mounted next to each model reeling a live feed of testimonials from previous satisfied buyers.

To eliminate clutter and confusion, the traditional car brochure will be replaced by implementing augmented reality and the use of Goldrun technology. Users can take away the new brochures and use their smartphone to learn more about the vechile they’re most interested in buying.

Augmented reality allows consumers to gain more information in a more interactive and innovative way.

Rich Media Web Ads

Rich media ads appear before videos play on YouTube. These will mimic the :30 spot and print ads; showing the walls of the box falling down and a Nissan Altima driving away.

Social Media Integration

Nissan’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, reflect the Nissan brand voice found throughout the IMC. Social media pages also promote other portions of the IMC including the “Showroom Without Barriers” and “Jobs Without Barriers” Programs.

Credits: Rebecca Dreifuss, Melanie Fitts, Tatiana Girman, Kendall Gregory, Pablo Isaza, Taichi Kozaki, Mark Manalaysay, Ryan Middleton, Rachel Mwakule, Marissa Pierce, Katie Reeks, Shannon Ross, Emily Shaw, Mafe Sotillo Lairet, Chelsea Stonerock, Freddy Travis, Reid Warner, Richard Charlie Weston, Micheal Williamson and Rovan Yu. Special thanks to Art Novak.