Pounce Cat Treats
Pet Friendly Rumble Royale

Responsibilities: Market//Consumer Research, Strategy Development and Concepting

Pounce & Milk-Bone Package Redesign

For the entire month of May, the packaging for Pounce Cat Treats and Milk-Bone Dog Treats will be changed to reflect and raise awareness for the cat vs dog competition.

Individually wrapped codes are placed inside each specially marked package, informing

consumers about the competition and where to enter their code to support their favorite pet.

Users have the option to rate a restaurant based on its allergy friendly menu; thereby keeping restaurants honest and Neo-Allergy Phobics confident.


Banner Social Media Advertisements

Online ads inform users about the competition between cats and dogs, while encouraging them to show their support for their pet by purchasing specialty marked packages.

Through electronic-commerce websites like Groupon, users can purchase discounted boxes of treats while earning double the amount of points.


Social Media Integration

Through the Pounce and Milk-Bone Facebook pages, users can select the “Feline Frontline” or "K9 Combat" applications which lets the user input their code to show their support and love for their pets.

Recent hot-spots are displayed on a mini-map showing Social Animal Lovers who are currently supporting either cats or dogs. Integration through Facebook, Twitter and Instargram allow for connect their accounts and upload pictures of their cat to gain extra points.