B2B Platform Strategy

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Q3 2017 - Q4 2017

Q3 2017 - Q4 2017


Project Overview

There was a internal need for the organization to improve their service offerings, make their clients’ and customers’ lives easier, and improve their the ecosystem that surrounded legacy platforms.

While their B2B clients and customers used a myriad systems, there was a driving force to create a new B2B digital strategy that would delivered a better overall customer experience, while further supporting their future business growth.



The Problem

The problem we were given was three-pronged in its focus. Originally launched due to dated technologies, there was also a need to seek out solutions that would address and improve the customer experience, ultimately making it easier for clients and customers to do business.


Business & Design Goals

  • Drive product engagement
  • Align with an omni-channel workflow
  • Support the broker / client point-of-sale experience
  • End result focused on client deliverables
  • Accelerate internal adoption
  • Incorporate existing data / limit manual data entry
  • Leverage persuasive design to minimize training
  • Illustrate implications as decisions are being made