Enterprise Design System

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Product Lead

Q3 2018 - Q2 2019


Project Overview

We implemented a design system for JLL Products so that we would have a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that could be assembled together to build any number of applications.

My role as Product Lead was to coordinate scope, production, and release of the design system while ensuring adoption across teams.


The Problem

In its first 12 months, the UX Practice grew from 0 to 4 designers, supporting 10 different product work-streams. Due to how quickly we scaled, design guidelines and interaction patterns were never formally established.

This led to common paint points across product teams…

  • Lack of consistency in design or development process leading to disjointed experiences
  • Longer lead time for partners and consultants to get started on features
  • Attention being given to lower value problems
  • Lost time (read: money) as siloed teams did repetitive works


Business & Design Goals

  • Allow for more rapid product design/implementation.
  • Establish a consistency around UI elements, patterns, and functionality
  • Central repository for all design elements, principles, and documentation
  • Build trust in JLL products
  • Framework to extend beyond our central products and to help drive adoption through a consistent UX
  • Align Development, Design, & QA for the benefit of the users and business