B2B Platform Strategy

Case StudY 🔒

Strategist for BP

Q3 - Q4 2017



BP wanted to improve its ecosystem of service offerings and legacy platforms in order to make their clients’ and customers’ lives easier.

They wanted a new B2B digital strategy that would deliver a better overall customer experience, while further supporting their future business growth.



UX Strategist

  • Co-led 180+ customer engagements (surveys, interviews, and ethnographic research studies)
  • Produced research artifacts (personas, journey maps)
  • Supported research analysis, synthesis, and strategic recommendations




Our recommendation was for BP to unify and simplify their offerings, platforms, and workflows.

This principle would extend past platform offerings and outline organizational and process level changes.

BP needed to create a unified and simplified experience, as they work to deliver the right product, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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1. Create recommendations for UX + CX improvements...

2. Illuminate system + workflow friction points for BP customers + partners...

3. Provide BP teams with a ‘Day in the Life’ perspective of 
their customers + partners...


Thanks for The Interest in my work!

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