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The Challenge

The Atlassian Migration Program (AMP) was created in October 2020, in response to Atlassian announcing that support for Server products would be ending in February 2024. This gave Server customers just over 3 years to evaluate their options and make a plan to migrate. The Atlassian Migration Program was structured to be the central point of truth, acting as a central repository for all information, tooling, and documentation needed to migrated.

Fast forward to August 2022 - over 20,000 Server customers were considered unaware of Server's impending end of support (## %)


Discovery & consultation

In the Discovery phase, we delve deep into the heart of your project to uncover hidden opportunities and challenges. We meticulously analyze your goals, needs, and the competitive landscape too.

Strategic approach
Innovation at heart
Tailored solutions
Collaborative process
Open communication

Strategy development

Based on our insights from the discovery phase, we craft a tailored strategy that outlines the roadmap to success. It's the roadmap that leads to achievement and ensures every action has purpose and direction.

  • Defining goals
  • Target audience
  • Detailed pan of action

Design & Implementation

Drawing upon the valuable insights unearthed during the discovery phase, we embark on the critical phase of Design & Implementation.

Our approach to Design & Implementation is all about precision and intentionality. By leveraging the insights gained earlier.

The Impact

  • We deployed our personalization strategy across 12 pages across, including our Homepage
  • Activated 180 Server Customers, achieving a 4.7% CTR (an 34.29% increase over the baseline goal of 3.5%

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