Hey! I’m Charlie!

I am a Product Designer and UX Strategist with a passion for building products, systems, and experiences that don’t suck. I've led clients and internal teams through research studies, developed cross-platform products, implemented design systems, co-founded a (failed) startup, and uncovered idiosyncrasies that highlight what truly matters to people.

My experience spans multiple disciplines, industries, and organization sizes. Researcher to Product Management, a startup to enterprise, quick-service restaurant to commercial real estate.

Every challenge is unique and complex. Boiler-plate processes and solutions rarely address the inherent base need. Approach everyday curiosity and empathy. Always design for a person, not a user.

Stuff My Mom Likes

This section is password protected because NDAs. Reach out if you’re curious. None of the passwords are my birthday.

Projects From SCAD

Basically my origin story. Excited for RDJ to play me in the biopic. Nothing here is password protected.

People Who Like Me

I solemnly swear I am up to no good. So I bribed some people to vouch for me.

When I refer to Charlie as a ‘mad scientist,’ I mean it as a great compliment. On the ‘mad’ side, what I mean is that he’s so obviously passionate. About truth. About process. About people. About technology. And ultimately about how to connect those very different things in meaningful ways. Ways that improve people’s lives. Ways that make good sense. Even the most sense. And in ways that honor and include others. Truly, he’s always got the end goal – delivering exceptional experiences – in mind. It shows in how he approaches all his work. Which brings me to the ‘scientist’ part. Charlie is incredibly thoughtful, in the sense that he’s a deep thinker – able to investigate and discern client challenges from multiple vantage points. Not only to understand better what’s going on, and why, but also to begin exploring potential solutions. The beauty here is that he strives to keep those solutions simple: clear, direct and accessible. That’s certainly no easy feat – especially with our clients’ sizes and the scope of their challenges. But it’s what he pulls our team back toward time and time again. We’re certainly better off for it.
Rob Toal, Senior Strategist @ Omobono
Someone once told me to ‘be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.’ At my time at Uber working with Charlie, he was just that. He always seemed to have solutions while thinking outside of the box. He was the guy you wanted on your team in order to be successful. Charlie is proactive, result oriented, responsible, and he is always ready to put all his time and energy to get the job done. I would highly recommend him for any strategic position.
Ryan Rue, Project Coordinator @ Trustwave
Charlie is a naturally talented UX’er with a strong strategic and research background which allows him to consistently deliver strong user-centric solutions. He is a passionate advocate for the needs and behaviors of the user, making them front and centre in all the work that he does. It’s been a pleasure to help work with him and witness the growth of one of UX’s rising stars. He inspires confidence in his clients and greatness in his peers.
Jen Hennings, Senior Experience Specialist @ Omobono
I always enjoy working with Charlie, he’s a thinker that knows how to ask the right questions to get the optimal user experience. Charlie brings an innovative energy to the team that challenges users to think outside the norms.
Brian Stoudemire, Lead Business Analyst @ JLL
Charlie is a very detail-oriented individual that gets along and works well with all facets of a product team. He is a great listener and curious asker of questions. Charlie is an easy/out-going, receptive and fun colleague to work with. His writing isn’t too shabby either!
Christopher Rodriguez, Product Designer @ Facebook
Working with Charlie is not for the faint of heart, but is highly gratifying, he is a top notch professional that only accepts the best. One of the best things about Charlie is his warm personality and interest for other people. Charlie is the guy that makes things happen.
Miguel Ortuño, CTO @ Hooks