Hey, I'm Charlie.

Southerner turned Chicagoan
Programming turned Advertising
Creative turned Strategist

My passion is creating strategies and experiences that don't suck. 

This only happens after uncovering the motivations and pain points of the audience, and how that intersects with stakeholder business objectives. 

Build with the person in mind. This is the essence of Human Centric Strategy.

Tenants of User Centric Strategy:

  • Design thinking is strategic thinking
  • Empathy is the bedrock of any experience
  • A great first impression is a 'killer app'
  • Fail hard. Fail often. Don't fear failure
  • Keep it simple, don’t get in the way
  • Gamification is the 'secret sauce'
  • Fresh thinking often requires bravery
  • Develop for the person, not the tech
  • Feedback strengthens interactions
  • Build on insights, not on opinions