👋🏼 Hello there - I'm Charlie!

I am a design, builder, and advisor; currently working at Atlassian as a Growth Design Lead.

I enjoy building design teams, products, experiments, and AI experiences.

My background is multi-disciplined; spanning strategy, design, business, marketing, and engineering with over 10 years of experience in tech.

My passion for craft, innovation, and people has driven me in partnering with founders and teams to build products and services that reduce technical, operational, and cognitive overhead.

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Where I've driven impact:

Principles for building quality

The work always matters, but how people get work done matters more

Give back as you climb; sharing experiences opens doors both ways

Building an iterating are great, but launching and learning is always the goal

Be purposeful in your intentions; a bad strategy is worse than no strategy

Selling abstract is difficult, use evidence to change hearts and minds

Simplification is the promise of technology; be wary of craft debt

Craft excellence requires holistic balance

Momentum compounds in all directions

Open to new opportunities