👋 Hello There!

I'm Charlie Weston (he/him).

I'm a multidisciplinary Design Lead, passionate about creating human (not user) centric experiences that don’t suck. Currently, I'm helping teams at Northern Trust reimagine how data-dense applications can work across desktop and mobile devices.

With are asdf. From development, to design, to research, to strategic planning - I've touched (or led) almost every aspect of the process.

With 7+ years experience working with startups, consultancies, and enterprise teams, I've developed a knack for seeing the forest through the trees - and creating a plan to help navigate through the fog of uncertainty.

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Principles & Platform

🎨  UX Is Not Design

UX is not about pixel pushing or crafting a pretty picture. It's about meaningful solutions that address the points of friction that people face. Understanding how people physically and emotionally engage with a service is more impactful than how it is designed or developed.

🌀  UX Is A Process, Not An Event

'Doing the UX' is not an isolated event. It's comprised of numerous events, that unfold over an indefinite period of time. The process for solving the 'why' is not a straight path, but often one that pivots based on a myriad of external factors and learnings that come through the cycle of define, build, test and deliver.

👥  People Over Process

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development is the best outline for how teams achieve success. Sometimes the best way to get something done, is to just do it. Evaluate what works and try again. The best laid plans tend to fail. Stay nimble.

🤝  Create Inclusively

The best products are created so that everyone can enjoy them. Teams should be comprised of diverse pool of backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs. UX decisions should be made by an inclusive collective that empathises and supports outside perspectives.

👂  Trust, Then Verify

When was the last time you spoke to someone who used your system? The biggest pitfall teams make is the assumption of knowing how people interact with their product or service. Building a culture that lifts up the 'voice of the user' is critical to creating systems that people actually want to use.

👨‍🏫  Give Back As You Climb

Mentorship and fellowship critical to the success of the whole. Few have achieved anything great without the guidance and support of others. Leveraging opportunities to lend a helping hand or perspective allows for growth in ourselves and others.


Interests & Hobbies